The Future of Sail Race & Regatta Management

Powering some of the worlds largest seasons and events

The Future of Race Management

The Future of Entry and Yacht Race Management from Local to Global Events

The Future of Race Management

The Future of Entry and Yacht Race Management from Local to Global Events

What is Nautical Cloud?

Nautical Cloud is a complete Sailing Race Management solution, built by passionate sailors to modernise the entire race office and competitor journey.

Transform the Race Day Experience

Our mobile app provides a full digital event experience for organisors. Complete with live updates, results, protest board, self-declarations and more.

Simplifying the complex!

Powerful Race Management Solution

Empower your sailing organisation and events with administrative tools to support you to growth with less people and spreadsheets.

Manage pricing options, notice board documentation, mass competitor communication, race selection, rating setup, transaction management and more.

Nautical Cloud provides an impressive tool set to align with your organisations growth and reduces admin workload.

Encourage competitor engagement all within the cloud

Sailors can enter races, manage and find crew, process payment transactions, administer certification with a seamless user experience.

The Nautical Cloud Portal promises a feature rich digital service, designed and purpose built by sailors, for sailors.

All your Race Management tools out the box

    • Official Notice Board with Racing Documents
    • Protest Board with live updates
    • Live Results & Historic Results with series results
    • Mobile applications for race officers at events or on committee boats
    • Self-Declarations with instant results updates
    • Competitor and crew registrations
    • Membership rate management and entitlement
    • Standard pricing models – price by length, rating, category, or event
    • Additional pricing options – Optional event fees
    • Complex pricing models
    • Card payment integration, pay now, pay later, pay outstanding balance
    • Late fees – Early fees – Race Deposits
    • Checklists
    • Crew Certificates
    • Compliance – E.g., crew registration, boat registration
    • Regattas, Series and races with classes, sub-classes, and multiple division

    …And More!

    Sailing Organisations using Nautical Cloud

    Nautical Cloud has been proven to transform the race day experience and administration of the worlds most reputable sailing organisations.

    Transform your organisation

    Get in touch with us and view a full demonstration of Nautical Cloud and discover how you can manage future races.