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Sail into the Digital Age of Race and Regatta Management

Nautical Cloud is an all-in-one cloud solution that enhances racing experiences for everyone.

Yacht Racing Management Reimagined

Managing sailing events can be time-consuming and arduous, particularly when using manual processes or outdated software.

Nautical Cloud is a streamlined platform to modernise your race and regatta management.

Developed by experienced sailors for sailors, this innovative technology will help you manage your events efficiently and effectively, removing the need for endless spreadsheets and clunky technology.

With Nautical Cloud, you can navigate away from:

  • Tedious paperwork and administrative headaches.
  • Tracking race entries using complex Excel sheets.
  • Scrambling to calculate results in real time.
  • Juggling legacy applications and disconnected platforms.
JOG racing event with 2 yachts racing in the Solent
Nautical Cloud portal showing registered crew details and outstanding tasks to complete a race entry.

Race Management Software for Sailing Clubs

Nautical Cloud is a comprehensive cloud platform that simplifies event management, from registration to race day.


  • Automated workflows to simplify your administration.
  • User-friendly interface specifically designed for competitive sailing.
  • Compliance checks and registrations made easy.
  • Real-time race data and results at your fingertips.
  • End-to-end organisation from registration to winners.
  • Versatile to meet the needs of both local races and global sailing competitions.

Trusted by the World’s Most Prestigious Yacht Races

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Transforming Racing Experiences for All

The logistics and compliance side of yacht racing can be a significant burden.

Nautical Cloud is a centralised platform that simplifies management processes and reduces errors for the smoother execution of races.

By taking care of repetitive administrative tasks, Nautical Cloud allows you to focus on enhancing the quality of your event and communications.

Managing race entries and documentation can be a hassle when relying on email, Word documents, or paper. But with Nautical Cloud, everything becomes more accessible and seamless for racers.

Its web portal makes it easy for racers to manage all aspects of their entries and keep up to date with live results and standings from anywhere.

Say goodbye to friction and hello to a smoother participation experience with Nautical Cloud.

Get ready to share the thrill of a race like never before with Nautical Cloud.

With access to real-time data and results, you can increase engagement and bring spectators even closer to the action.

With Nautical Cloud, everyone can closely monitor the live leaderboard, creating a deeper and more meaningful connection with your event.

The impact of Nautical Cloud on our operations has been profound. The once onerous task of managing the world’s largest offshore event has been transformed into a model of streamlined efficiency.

The response from our competitors to Nautical Cloud has been extraordinarily positive, with 99% of our sailors confirming the ease of use of the system. Most strikingly, Nautical Cloud has enabled us to manage more substantial events with a leaner team.

Nautical Cloud has not merely met our stringent standards – it has surpassed them, redefining the art of the possible in race management.

Steve Cole
Race Manager, Royal Ocean Racing Club


Inbuilt Yacht Race Management Features

Nautical Cloud stands apart from other solutions with a robust set of purpose-built features that support competitive sailing.

Our platform removes the need for manual workarounds or disconnected tools by providing a seamless race management experience.

Out of the box, Nautical Cloud offers innovative capabilities to handle your events efficiently. From streamlined entries to instant race results, key features include:

Registration and Entry Management

Competitor and crew registrations.

Customisable race entry forms.

Card payment integration using Stripe.

125+ currencies supported.

Compliance checklists.

Attestation forms.

Membership web portal.

Event Administration

Competitor and crew registrations.

Official event noticeboard.

Customisable pricing models.

Crew qualifications and certificates.

Inspection management.

Racing Rules of Sailing chatbot.

Supports multiple rating authorities.

In-Race Functionality

Mobile app for event officials.

YB Tracker integration.

Live leaderboards filtered by class.

Real-time standings, including corrected elapsed times.

Predictive results.

Self-declarations with instant result updates.

Protest board.

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Powering Sailing Organisations of All Sizes

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Close up of JOG yacht and crew

Our Experience

Nautical Cloud’s mission is to modernise sailing race and regatta management using innovative technology that enhances the experience for everyone involved.

Our team has decades of collective sailing experience, enabling us to tackle the frequent challenges that event organisers and crews face.

This insider knowledge has helped us design a user-friendly platform equipped with unmatched features.

Contact us to learn how Nautical Cloud can enhance your next event.


Nautical Cloud has redefined race management, substantially lightening administrative burdens to let us craft exceptional racing experiences. With robust compliance tracking, it maintains the highest safety standards despite offshore racing’s unpredictability. User-friendly features like live updates have won overwhelming praise from racers.

One of the most tangible benefits has been the ability to host larger events with more efficiency and fewer volunteers. This has not only optimised our resource requirements but has also proven that Nautical Cloud is an indispensable asset for the modern race management team.

The system is a robust, comprehensive, and, most importantly, dependable tool that has reshaped the landscape of race, membership and event management for JOG Yacht Racing.

Martin Banfield
Club Secretary, JOG Yacht Racing

Frequently Asked Questions

What races can I use Nautical Cloud for?

Nautical Cloud works for regattas, season-long series or single events. These include simple inshore races and logistically intricate offshore races with many requirements for entrants to complete.

How is Nautical Cloud priced?

We offer flexible pricing plans to adapt to the needs and scale of your event. See our pricing page for more detail.

What rating authorities are integrated into the system?

IRC, ORC and ORR are fully integrated. It means that when a new boat is added to the system, the system will add relevant information about it if there is a rating certificate available for it. All rating certificates are automatically updated. The system also supports your own rating system if you use a club system.

Can I build my own checklists for competitors to complete on entry?

Yes, it is possible to create checklists that contain questions and document uploads. The system can automatically approve these based on correct answers or allow you to approve or decline them.

How do I take payment for race entries?

You can have a simple or complex pricing structure for races or regattas. Stripe is integrated into Nautical Cloud and supports up to 155 different currencies.

Does the system have different access levels?

You can grant access to race officers, to just a single race on the timing app or other specific areas like the protest board maintenance or checklist approvals.

Do you integrate with YB Tracker?

Nautical Cloud is fully integrated with YB Tracker. This includes the following features:

  • Serial number allocation
  • YTB Tracker fleet sheet
  • Finish times from and to YB Tracker
  • Retirement posting back to YB Tracker
  • Sector time analysis at different fences

Request a demonstration

Nautical Cloud consolidates everything you need to save hours of work and provide a professional experience.

If you are ready to learn more about how Nautical Cloud can benefit your organisation, please complete the form to arrange an initial call and demonstration.